The 2017 growing season has fully kicked-off with the entire vineyard in budbreak. All of the water last winter has done wonders for the vines which all look very healthy going into their period of most rapid growth. If anything this year we’ll need to carefully pull in the reins on the vines so they don’t get to vigorous. An overly happy vine doesn’t feel the need to concentrate on reproducing which leads to inferior fruit.

Finishing the Tasting Room is moving ahead of schedule. We fully expected to go through this year with the status quo but the sudden availability of a pallet of cedar plank-ends and some quality design time mean that the first wall is complete and plans are in motion for the remainder. I’m guessing we’ll have the walls finished in a couple of months and then we’ll move on to the ceiling and fun stuff like artwork.

We’re still awaiting our third winemaker joining us in the Tasting Room. Ron, if you’re reading this, come on buddy we miss you! All kidding aside, Ron planned to be ready in mid-March but has run into a couple of snags that slowed him down. We’re still saying “any day now” but now we’re saying it with more confidence.

Jeff’s moved wine classes Blended up a burner – maybe not on the front burner yet, but off of simmering in the back. The first class should be announced in a week or so and be scheduled for late May or early June. The topic will be be around how to do wine tasting properly, i.e. sound like you know what you’re talking about without sounding like an … whatever. We’ll try wines, talk about how to categorize them, what causes certain flavors and colors, etc. Stay tuned for more information.

Lots of excitement around the winery these days. It looks like the rains have gone and spring might actually have arrived. It’s still really cold at night and we aren’t showing any signs of impending budbreak (Fresno reported budbreak last week!) but you can feel it in the air, summer’s just around the corner.

The big news this month is the promised debut of TASS Vineyards and Winery. Ron has assured us that he intends to pour for Passport and then continue on every weekend thereafter in the Tasting Room. I’ve heard rumors that the first wines are a Pinot noir and a Cabernet sauvignon blend.

Progress continues on the Tasting Room and the grounds. The stage was completed last month and the base rock for the outdoor Tasting Area has been installed. Right after passport we should see the walkways and approach to the Tasting Room take shape. Landscaping comes soon after with grass and trees to plant. We’re still thinking about what we want to do on the interior of the Tasting Room but Jeff’s getting antsy so I’d predict some progress there this month as well.

Time… there’s just not enough of it for everything we want to do. March kicks off a busy event season with an offsite pouring (Hop ‘N Vine), then WSCV Spring Passport. April has Morgan Hill Wine Week and May is Gilroy’s turn. In between that we’re planning to work out a music schedule for Blended that has somebody playing at least every other weekend. If you know any serious amateur (or cheap professional) musicians who are looking for a venue for their craft let us know at:


Winemaker Happenings

Tasting Room:
Stop by and sample the wines of two distinctly different winemakers (three soon!) every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm.  If you can’t make it on the weekend give us a call at (408) 852-0779 or email for a weekday appointment.

4/22 – La Vie Dansante Wines at the Willow Glen Wine Walk. Location still TBD, follow La Vie Dansante on Facebook for details when they become available.

4/24-30 – Morgan Hill Wine Week supporting the Morgan Hill Downtown Association.

4/27 – La Vie Dansante – Wine and Music Mixer at Bubbles Wine Bar from 7pm to 10pm Thursday, April 27th. Tickets are $40 per person and available through Bubbles Wine Bar.

4/27 – Medeiros Family Winemaker’s Dinner at Maurizio’s at 7pm on Tuesday, April 25th. Tickets are $85 per person plus tax and gratuity.

4/29 – Morgan Hill Wine Stroll – 1pm to 5pm. Find La Vie Dansante Wines at GVA Cafe and Medeiros Family Wines at The Jewelbox.

5/20 – Gilroy Wine Walk