Open every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm for Wine Tasting.

For the wine enthusiast we provide a place to enjoy wine tasting and learn about wine while sampling the wares of three very different winemakers, varietals, and styles.  Stop by soon and meet our winemakers – Jeff Fadness of La Vie Dansante Wines, Ted Medeiros of Medeiros Family Wines, and Ron Mosley of TASS Vineyards and Winery.

Blended, a Winemaker’s Studio is dedicated to supporting and growing wine and winemakers in the Santa Clara Valley. We provide the infrastructure, production space, equipment, education, and a retail outlet for up-and-coming winemakers who have the talent and ability to be successful but who may be lacking the resources necessary to enter this highly competitive and regulated industry on their own.



Around here we have a love / hate relationship with the month of September. On the love side September marks the begining of harvest. The time of the year when we get to ignore all of the day-to-day tedium like paying bills and writing social media posts in favor of making wine. There is nothing we’d rather do than make wine. On the hate side this is the most acessible month for organizations to host events. The weather cools off and the kids are back in school. September is both the national and California Wine Month. It’s wine club releases and Tast of Morgan Hill. Every school is having their fund raisers. Finally, there’s the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley Fall Passport.

Don’t get us wrong, we love all of the opportunities to interact with our guests and make new friends, but it can be a grind. So if you see us around the winery with dark circles under our eyes and looking a little worn-out, dont worry, were just a little tired and it will pass… in December…when harvest is over.

Look out, here comes harvest!  The grapes have all started to change from green to red and the birds have begun to take notice.  That means we’re only about six weeks from picking and the beginning of harvest.  But first there’s the last of the bottling to do and the winery to reconfigure for fermentation.  We’ve pretty much grown into every available square inch of the winery building but for harvest we’ll need to find some room somewhere.  That means a lot of stacking and squeezing.  Some of the wines will be double-checked and tucked in for a winter’s nap.  We’ll see them again next January as we dig out from all of the new wines.

This is a month that is normally pretty lax in the winemaking world. Spring bottling is over and harvest is coming but still far enough away that we can ignore it and relax. We’ve been using the time to improve the grounds around the Tasting Room. We’ve doubled the grassy area next to the Tasting Room and brought in more lawn games; Cornhole, Ladder Golf, Giant Jenga, Lawn Darts, and more. We’ve also moved most of the picnic tables to the older grassy area and added umbrellas for a little shade. In front of the Tasting Room you may notice we added bark and some beautiful flowering plants to the two planters. Finally we’ve added head-trained grapes to each of the half-barrel planters along the edge of the picnic area. All-in-all we think things are starting to come together and we’ve got a beautiful setting in which to enjoy the wines of our three winemakers.

Like we said above, harvest is coming. (Reminder to self, source “Harvest is Coming T-Shirts”!) What that means at this time of the year is a lot of cleaning. Then we’ll test everything and then clean everything one last time before the grapes arrive. The first grapes, Chardonnay, can come as early as the last week of August but things really get rocking in the first couple weeks of September. This is the fourth harvest at Blended – can you believe it? – and things have become pretty routine. Our expected production for this harvest is somewhere around 7,500 gallons of wine, or just over 3,000 cases between the three labels.

Blended is still open every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm for La Vie Dansante Wines, Medeiros Family Wines, and TASS Vineyards & Winery. On the weekdays, specifically Monday, Thursday, and Friday, the Tasting Room becomes La Vie Dansante Wines. That means you can still purchase Medeiros and TASS wines by the bottle but the tasting list is only La Vie Dansante Wines. The tasting fee is still $10 (refundable) for five to six wines poured by owner and winemaker Jeff Fadness. Come in during the week, relax, and share some wine with him.


Winemaker Happenings

Tasting Room:
Stop by and sample the wines of three distinctly different winemakers every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm.  We have a $10 tasting fee (refunded with the purchase of a bottle).

On Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays the Tasting Room is open for La Vie Dansante Wines only.  Come in and try a full list of their wines and meet Jeff the winemaker

September: Harvest Begins!

9/8 & 9/9 – Saturday and Sunday noon to 5pm – join us for the first weekend of Fall Passport.  We’ll be presenting the wines from our three winemakers in a cozy setting along with the guitar stylings of Jeff Smith.

9/8 – Saturday 6pm – La Vie Dansante Wines Fall Wine Club Release and Harvest Party! Saturday from 6pm to 9pm. BBQ Food, Music by Eric Stone, a Grape Stomp and of course… more wine! This event is free for La Vie Dansante Wine Club members and members can purchase discounted tickets for guests. The Public is welcome, tickets are $30 each and will be available online as the date approaches.

9/14 – Friday 6pm – La Vie Dansante Wines Movie Night; Airplane! – “Doors” open at 6pm, “Curtain” rises at dusk, approximately 7:45pm. Popcorn for free, wine for purchase. Please; 21 and over only, no pets, and no outside alcohol.

9/28 – Friday 6pm – La Vie Dansante Wines Movie Night; Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery. “Doors” open at 6pm, “Curtain” rises at dusk, approximately 7:45pm. Popcorn for free, wine for purchase. Please; 21 and over only, no pets, and no outside alcohol.

October: More Harvest, Eat, Sleep, Make Wine!
10/4 – Thursday 6:30pm – La Vie Dansante Wines Wine Symposium; Boutique Winemaking . Tickets are $40 per person (wine club discounts apply) and cover six wines for tasting, and a 90 minute talk about how wine is made at La Vie Dansante Wines. Learn the basics of garage style winemaking by getting up close and personal with an actual harvest. This class will be taught on the crushpad and in the winery so bring a light jacket – it can get chilly, even in September.

10/18 – Thursday 6:30pm – La Vie Dansante Wines Wine Symposium; Candle Making Class. Tickets are $40 per person (wine club discounts apply) and cover a glass of wine and instruction and hands-on experience in making the candles we sell in the Tasting Room. Learn the technique and science behind creating the perfect candle and then take yours home with you!

November: Still Harvest, Eat, No Sleep, Make Wine!
11/10 – Saturday – Medeiros Family Wines Winter Wine Club Release. Stay tuned for more information.

12/8 – Saturday 6pm – La Vie Dansante Wines Winter Wine Club Release. Stay tuned for more information.

12/21 – Friday 6pm – Blended, a Winemaker’s Studio Holiday Party. Holiday goodies, music by Jason Cade, holiday cartoons and more. This event is $15 for the public, $10 for Wine Club members of any of the three wineries. Tickets will be available online and in person in advance as the date approaches.